Our Story

The idea for a sweat-proof dress shirt first came to David during a transitional point in his life, after his move from New York to Florida. Without being previously accustomed to the heat and humidity of Florida, his profuse sweating became a pressing issue that he couldn't seem to solve. After countless months of trial and error from appointments with dermatologists, to spending hundreds of dollars on expensive shirts that still let him down, hiding his sweat became inevitable. He seemed to sweat through every dress shirt he wore - whether it was walking into work or just simply a nice evening out with some friends. The more frustrated David grew with this problem, the more he realized he wasn't alone.

We’ve all experienced it—whether it be the result of climate, anxiety or simply running late—we’ve all perspired through a shirt. It’s a common embarrassment, and one that need not count against us, when appearances matter most.

And thus DAVID HYDE APPAREL was created- A clothing line that not only protects it's users from this problem but also does so in a fashionable way.